Data Backup Services

Without a backup strategy, you’re flirting with disaster.

Business continuity is the ability to prevent loss of critical data in the event of an unplanned incident and keep essential business functions running. The value of your business is not the server you’re hosted on, but the settings and content you keep on your servers.  You need a robust backup strategy to ensure your business stays up and running. 

Data Backups are a fundamental means of providing data security and business continuity. Expect the unexpected and plan for the worst: create your backup strategy before you’re wishing you had.

Continuity and Security. In a Simple Package.

  • Avoid downtime & lost revenue
  • Retain settings, content and user data with stability through redundancy
  • Maintain stable operations and service for customers and employees alike
  • Ensure against fat-fingered mistakes and clumsy errors

We’ve partnered with R1Soft, the industry leader in efficient and reliable backups, to create consistent backup plans that don’t impede your server’s performance. Create archives as often as every 15 minutes—or every quarter for less intensive needs. Billions of dollars of data and more than 250,000 servers are entrusted with R1Soft’s intelligent backup strategies. Ensure continuous operations and data security for your valuable settings, content and user data.


Hopefully you won’t need it. But is that a risk you can afford?

The cost of backups is quickly absorbed when you thwart downtime and avert catastrophe. Gambling on the perseverance of your data is a bad bet: the number of data loss events grows each year, and the expensive lesson continues to be that a strong backup strategy is the most overlooked element of day-to-day operations in businesses large and small.

  • Long term or short term data retention
  • Block-level archives or system-wide backups
  • Rapid restoration in case of emergency
  • Rock-solid encryption and security

We’re ready to design your custom backup strategy.

You can trust GigeNET with your data: more than 20 years of experience in the hosting industry means we’ve learned hard-won lessons. Time and time again, keeping your data secure proves to be a solid and reasonable investment. You’ve got insurance—but no insurance policy can pay for your data to come back. Contact us today to get started with ensuring your organization can survive a catastrophic data loss and restore normal operations with one click.